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Detailed Age WritiNg Contest DAWN

The Guild of Writers has requested that all paperwork be submitted for final review and selection of the winner of the Detailed Age WritiNg Contest by Sunday March 8th '09 here.

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Winner of the 3rd RAD Contest

The ages judged and the scores have been tallied and we have a winner:

Lontahv------- Tre'bivdil with a score of 238

Second went to Whilyam ------- Bimevi with a score of 227

Third place goes to

Andy Legate -------Eder Bahvahnin with a score of 195

To see how the scores went please use our Wiki page here

Well done to all the contestants who participated, and thanks to all the judges.

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Third Rapid Age Development Contest

The 3rd Rapid Age Development Contest is now open! This time, the focus is on small ages that have some amazing feature - made by a single individual. If you have any age creation skills, please sign up on the following Guild of Writers Wiki page: RAD November 2008

You have until 31 October to sign up. For complete rules, see the above Wiki page. Come create ages with us!

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Writers to Restructure

Recently, the Guild of Writers held a minor proposal to remove the inactive Guild Councillor of Sound and Vision, Chaos Song. The required 20% of active forum members have cast their ballots and the count is currently a landslide 57 in favor of removal and 0 rejecting.

With all that's left to clear up the Sound and Vision post being the last few days of the required two week period, the Guild Council has posted a new proposal to restructure the Sound and Vision post into a new Creative Direction position that we hope will be able to guide the Guild into MORE and beyond!

All Writers, Maintainers, Messengers, Cartographers, Fine Artists, and folks not affiliated with any Guild are welcome to come and read, discuss, debate, and vote on the new proposal!

Hoikas Guild of Writers GC of Tool Development

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Announcing the winner of the July 2008 RAD contest

The scores are now in, they have been tallied, so without further ado, may we present to you all the winners of the July 2008 Rapid Age Development Contest.

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